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I can't even get mad!

November 17th, 2008 at 03:59 pm

This is an example of how poor customer service can ruin a store reputations, but good service helps it out...
I bought something from Victoria's Secret a month and a half ago, it's 45 bucks but the stuff is usually really good quality. Well, not this time. I wore it once and washed it and it broke. Since I live 45 minutes away, I didn't get back to the store to return it yesterday. There, the manager tells me she can't help me and I should be aware of the return policy (and some other attitude that drove me nuts)... Apparently, because I didn't handwash it, it is not returnable. Oh well.
I called to talk to customer service because I was pretty frustrated by the attitude of the manager, and the poor quality of the manager. When I told the CSR said she would send a gift certificate out for the amount of the purchase and to have a nice day. No arguing or anything. Gotta love it when customer service is better at the 800 number, I just hate that I had to go to the trouble of calling.

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