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School is expensive...

June 26th, 2008 at 04:19 pm

So, just when I think I have all this extra money to pay bills, I don't. My school upped its tuition, and I have to pay for it. Oh, and I have to take a class at a more expensive university because they no longer offer it at mine.
I tell ya, if it's not one thing, its another with this degree. I am doing online courses, so it makes it even harder to find a school with the degree program I need.
Oh well, I'll be done in six months, with little to no student loans. The ones I might have are subsidized, so I guess it really isn't that bad. It just seems like it. The bright news is that this should qualify me for a promotion making 10-20k more a year, so the payback for all my out of pocket money will be 1-2 years. Not a bad deal at all, when I consider it that way...
Needless to say, my brilliant ideas to pay off 3 bills didn't happen. I did pay one off completely (2400ish), and reduced the 600 dollar one to 200, so I got somewhere. But, I did pay off 2200 dollars for last term, and have 2600 out of 3900 for this term in the bank. (Like I said, it's expensive).
Good news: my husband got an unexpected 3% raise, which all went into his 401K. He'll still get a 6% raise in October. He is also up for a promotion then which could be 5-6 dollars more an hour:-). We have also cut back on gas by carpooling (me), and have spent less eating out lately. (3-400 dollars savings this month.) The lawnmower broke the other day, and it was only 40 bucks to fix it.
Overtime at work is over, and life as I know it will return to normal... Which explains why I am much cheerier in this post.
Next week, when I am in the middle of 19 school credits, I may be feeling quite differently!