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2009 goals- challenge answered:-)

July 28th, 2008 at 04:11 pm

In response to a blog post, I am posting my goals for 2009, both financially and personally.
1) Obtain my bachelors- currently on track for graduation in May of 09!
2) Continue to add 10 percent to 401k
3) Pay off my car (currently owe about 7k)
4) Pay off two small credit cards (1500 worth) by early 09'
5) Reduce 7k credit card to around 3k by the end of the year
6) Reduce husbands car loan to less than 5k (currently ~12k) by end of 09
So about 20k by end of 2009, about 17 months away= ~1175 a month.
That is totally doable, I think.
Now for the keep on doing goals: Stay happily married,continue to raise my wonderful 5 yr old, continually evaluate house and where it fits in our life goals...