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Good news in the mail and REAP benefits

March 1st, 2009 at 10:08 am

I just received my car title in the mail... Very exciting for meSmile. We paid the car off about 1.5 years early and while I will probably never buy a new car again, it was a fun once in a lifetime treat.

Does anyone have any experience with receiving benefits from the GI Bill? We got a lump sum in January for about 2 yrs of backpayment and a letter saying we where eligible for some every month until my husband was done with school, but we haven't received anything for the month of February. I don't know if we will recieve some every month on a set day or what will happen... He qualifies under the Reserve Education Access plan if that makes any difference.

My husband and I are still gainfully employed and thankful for that. We have put off the boat for awhile longer or until all the other debt (car and credit card) is paid off. I don't see the economic situation improving much for another year or two and by that point boats might be incredibly cheap, so we might get an incredible deal.

Good luck to everyone.