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life is good

September 24th, 2008 at 01:44 pm

Back in May I had these debts...
Car 1: 9200 @6% interest
Car 2: 13700@6.22%
Credit card 1: 1400 @ 0% till 5/2010
Credit card 2: 2400@ 3.99
Credit card 3: 7920 @ 3.99
furniture: 600 @ 0 %

As of now here are the updates:
Car 1: 8430 @ 4.25 interest
Car 2: 12290@4.25%
Credit card 1: 700 @ 0% till 5/2010
Credit card 2:0
Credit card 3: 6800 @ 3.99
furniture: 0
So I am down about 5600 dollars.I re-financed the car loans to a lower rate, and shortened the terms on one from a 5 to a 4 year. I also got rid of 3 payments a month, which makes it a lot easier for me to manage. October is a 3 paycheck month so I am hoping to get credit card #1 done.
We recently found out my husband is entitled to a large amount of backpay from his work (about 10k). Everyone in the company in this area will be receiving a settlement for anytime worked during the last two years. The last two years part is very exciting for me, as I worked there for 6 mths of that time span. Hopefully, I will be eligible for about 2k worth of back pay. After taxes are taken out, it looks like it will be about 7k, which is going to buy a boat. Maybe not the most prudent move, but one I am happy with.
In other news, I am listing items that have been sitting around my house for years on ebay. My saddle should bring in about 350 bucks, a bunch of crystal and glassware looks like it will bring in a couple hundred dollars more. All of this is going to pay for school expenses so I am pretty happy with the income.
Speaking of school.. I took 19 credits over the summer, and ended up with a 3.7 gpa. Not bad for a full-time working mom.
School starts again on monday, so I am enjoying my last school free weekend with my family.